Our heavyweight, premium papers exude quality that ensures your holiday cards are special & memorable.

With available finishes in satin matte, shimmer, felt, and linen, as well as an earthy kraft, you're sure to love the look and feel of your Christmas cards. 


Textured Papers | Each Available In White Or Cream

Stationery Papers | Sizzle Cone Designs


Non-Textured Papers | White Satin Matte And Earthy Kraft 

White & Kraft Stationery Papers | Sizzle Cone Designs


5x7 Inch Designs | Christmas Cards + Invites (Flats)

Pricing below is in addition to the initial deposit that's paid when you order your Christmas card.

5x7 Christmas Card Pricing | Sizzle Cone Designs



A7 envelopes fit your 5x7 inch Christmas cards. (Just disregard those A1 envelope prices below...)

Envelopes | Sizzle Cone Designs

Envelope Pricing | Sizzle Cone Designs



Rounded Corners

For a special touch, upgrade to decorative rounded corners for just 5 cents per piece.


Rounded Corners | Sizzle Cone Designs




Envelope Printing

Save yourself oodles of time and avoid all those hand cramps! We can address your envelopes for you using legible fonts that match your stationery. 

Please message me to inquire about envelope printing pricing.

Envelope Printing | Sizzle Cone Designs