What program or software do I need so I can open my printable PDF?

In order to open PDFs, you'll need Adobe Reader. You can download it FREE here.


Why is the PDF password protected?

Copying content from the PDF or exporting into another file format is strictly prohibited and password protected for copyright purposes. However, you will not need a password to print the document as a PDF.

If your local or online print shop has trouble printing the file & requests a password, please let them know that they must print the file as a PDF. Again, they will not be prompted for a password if they simply print the file as a PDF. 


What kind of paper should I print on?

We recommend 80 to 100 lb cover card stock. Paper in this weight / thickness range strikes the perfect balance between rigidity & flexibility- making it ideal for special occasions.

However, many home printers are incapable of properly feeding card stock of this weight. You'll need a printer that feeds the paper at a 90 degree angle. If your printer turns the paper 180 degrees during printing, you'll end up with off centered prints. And that's just annoying! 

If your home printer can't handle heavy card stock, try a lighter weight card stock like 67 lb bristol card stock. This is our second best choice.

We do not recommend using thinner card stock or regular copier paper, because you'll most certainly have bleed-through issues with double sided designs. 

Don't wanna bother with DIY Printing? You may purchase our hassle free printing services any time!


The paper's loaded in the tray. Now what?

Everyone's computer / printer setup is different, but here are the highlights:

  • Select the "Landscape" page orientation.
  • UNCHECK the "Auto Rotate & Center" box.
  • Page Scaling should be set to 100%.
  • And be sure to select the Paper Type that best matches your chosen media. 


Oh no! Some ink bled through to the back side when I printed my two sided design! What gives?

Sadly, this is most likely the result of using a thinner card stock. One way to get around this is to adjust your printer's ink output, if you have that option. Check your printer's manual to see if it offers this capability. If not, you'll want to try printing on a thicker card stock, sending your file to a local or online print shop, or having us print them for you.


What materials should I use for trimming or cutting?

Scissors are totally fine. But a quicker, more accurate method is to use a paper trimmer (commonly found in craft stores and big box stores).


Can I change my mind and order your printing services after I've already purchased the PDF design?

Absolutely! You can purchase printing anytime here. Just be sure you allow 8 business days for delivery.


Still have questions?

Try our Live Chat feature in the lower right hand corner of your screen. And if we're not online, shoot us an email, and we'll respond pronto!